Foot Insoles – Female


Reduces impact shock as insoles cushion your feet soles against the constant shock and pressure of walking along with ensuring that the overall weight of your body is equally distributed over legs and feet, helps in reducing foot pain especially for the congenital foot defects, chronic foot pain problems. Supports a flat foot, resolves degenerative conditions. Help in preventing metatarsal fractures and also removes unwanted foot odur.



Accumag offer products that bring you holistic wellness.

ACCUMAG is a wellness brand by Ashleigh Ivory.
It is our mission to empower customers to be in control of their health and manage it in the most optimal way possible. Our permanent magnetic products are Durable and Reusable.


Power Sole

If you walk long hours this is a must have products, just place this in your shoes and you will not feel tried even after long walk.


The permanent magnet, which rolls in the capsule creates variable magnetic field, relieves stiffness and pain and stimulates circulation in the patched area. Induce eddy current in accordance with your body movements.