SCALLOP POWDER —-Made in Japan


[Excellent results of Shell Fresh EX]

  • Removes pesticides, environmental hormones, and hazardous chemical substances such as PM2.5 remaining in fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Removes oil dirt, artificial additive substances such as colorant and wax
  • Removes E. coli and staphylococci
  • Has strong antibacterial, antiseptic effect
  • Preserves freshness more effectively and prevents oxidation


Naturally derived vegetable / fruit wash powder / disinfectant made only from scallop shells from Aomori Pref.

Antibacterial wash powder “Shell Fresh EX” is a patented high grade type which is produced in a unique manufacturing method, and has higher antibacterial and washing performance than general scallop powder. (Patent number: 5515106) This is safe and environment friendly vegetable / fruit wash powder / disinfectant for the next generation, made only from scallop shells from Aomori Pref.

Shell Fresh EX can be used not only for washing vegetables, but its aqueous solution can be used as disinfectant and deodorant in various parts in a house. In addition, when using for laundry, it gives higher washing performance due to its alkali power, prevents smell due to antibacterial effect, and also contributes to cleaning washing machine tank.

Product Details

Name: Calcined shell calcium (powder for washing vegetables)

Ingredients: Scallop shells

Active ingredient: Calcium hydroxide

Content: 200g

Food additives