Black Diamond Beauty Roller

An original light-weight beauty roller with prolonged warming and cooling effect. Specially designed for anti-ageing, this beauty facial roller is hand-crafted from three terahertz ores. It penetrates skincare 10 times deeper into the skin, acting directly on the cellular level for optimum results in firm skin.

•   Gets Rid of Dark Circles
•   Reduces Crow’s Feet
•   Diminishes Fine Lines
•   Lifts Sagging Cheeks
•   Tightens Enlarged Pores
•   Smoothes Wrinkles
•   Softens Frown Lines

The new chapter begins here

The story of Ashleigh Ivory began in 2007 from a simple act of gift-giving. Founder Cassiopea Yap had not expected a vast business opportunity or a dedicated team to arise out of this gesture. At Ashleigh Ivory, the team’s journey begins from the back end, where products are subject to quality control, testing, personal use and whether it lasts through time to ensure First Impressions Last Forever.


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