About Ashleigh Ivory


The story of Ashleigh Ivory began in 2007 from a simple act of gift-giving.
Founder Cassiopea Yap had not expected a vast business opportunity or a dedicated team to arise out of this gesture.

From the simple act of gift-giving, a ripple effect ensued. Ever since then, idea after idea has been generated, with bespoke solutions springing up where they are intended, inspiring peers in business to embrace Ashleigh Ivory solutions for a sought-after healthy lifestyle, inside out.

At Ashleigh Ivory, the team’s journey begins from the backend, where products are subject to quality control, testing, personal use and whether it lasts through time to ensure First Impressions Last Forever.

Our products are sourced from around the world, where the stage has been set for the procurement of top quality, natural products for everyone of our dedicated customers. Indeed, Beauty Has No Compromises.