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“I’ve Never Seen A Skincare Product Work This Well Before… It feels like magic.. My skin looks 5 years younger… in just weeks!

Exactly how you can get a younger, healthier “age-defying” skin.. with the same “miracle” ingredient used by the people in Far East, for centuries.

I’ve Been Struggling With Acne For Years..

Hi, My name is Luna. And this is my story…

I’ve not been blessed like many with clear skin since my teenagehood. Over the years, I’ve always struggled with trying to keep my skin clean as much as possible as it is acne-prone.

Sometimes I just feel like giving up because it’s so tedious and couldn’t help but feel angry at how puberty did me this bad. I could just tell how bad it was by watching someone’s eyes when I was talking to them . They’d always be looking around my face but my eyes.

So after much contemplation, and tormenting moments, I decided to see a dermatologist. I spent a bomb on all the products they recommended.

But nothing worked.

I would be using the products for a good 3-4weeks and my skin will show slight changes of improvement. After using it consistently, soon enough the product will start to deplete and I will need a new replacement.

However, due to my busy schedule I’ve always had trouble trying to find time after work hours to even go to the clinic and get them.

A week or two will pass and before I know it, my skin goes back to the usual, being acne prone.

For years I have been facing this problem and it’s utterly frustrating to be spending so much of money on all these products yet not see the results that I want.

I was at the verge on giving up but deep down I knew there had to be a better way..

What You’ve Been Doing Wrong With Your Skincare Routines…

As we reach our 30s, you would’ve realised that our body goes through some changes. We tend to require more sleep, pimple scars or spots take much longer to disappear, etc..

And just like your body, your skin goes through that transition as well. In fact, your skin cells turnover rate slows down as early as your 20s.

When you’re a child, your skin cells could turnover once every 14 days. By the time you hit your 30s, it takes 28-35days for it to turn over. And as you age, it’s going to slow down even more!

So what does this mean to you?

“This means dead cells start accumulating on the surface of the skin and interfering with light reflection,” Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, tells SELF.

Often the reason why sometimes you might hear your friends saying things like, “Wow, she’s glowing!” or “How is her skin is so radiant?”.

Now you know. And that’s when it hit me.

The problem I was facing all these while was not the products that I’ve been using but rather the process in which I have been applying it.

I knew by just simply exfoliating my skin with scrubs is not enough. I needed something that penetrated deeper into my skin.

That’s when a now good friend of mine introduced me to the Black Diamond Beauty Roller. When passing me a new set she only said one thing, “You’ve got to try this for yourself. You wouldn’t believe your eyes that it’s your skin.”

I’ve tried everything I can when it came to skincare thus far and nothing seemed to work. I have always been skeptical as none of it actually lived up to its hype.

I told myself, if this don’t work for me I am just going to live with my skin looking unhealthy, old and wrinkly.

I was at the brim of giving up. But something told me otherwise, so I took a leap of faith and tried it.

In only 3 weeks I saw visible changes to my skin.

Bear in mind, this was WITHOUT any facial product.

What you’re seeing are the effects of the roller itself. I used it to massage my face for 2-3mins in between breaks at work and at night before sleeping.

I just couldn’t believe it! My eyebags got better. My skin got firmer. I looked more radiant.

Even my friends said I started to “glow”. That gave me so much of confidence.

What did this product do that made my skin so much better? I found out.

10x Deeper Penetration Into The Skin For Greater Absorbtion Of Skincare Products Of Your Choice…

The Black Diamond Beauty Roller is handcrafted from 3 Terahertz Ore. Each in a diamond cut with 48 faces, specially designed to roll out creases and wrinkles for anti-ageing.

The ores are made in 2 different sizes to follow the curves of the skin and fit the lines of the face and eye area.. to provide gentle, moderate stimulation to the skin.

A terahertz wave has the same permiability as an electric wave, like light in a straight wave, with no damage to the human body.

Terahertz is able to penetrate various substances(non-heat effect), with strong research present in the scientific and industrial fields providing multiple benefits.

This terahertz wave emitted from the Black Diamond Beauty Roller promotes the activation of water molecules in the body, breaks down cholesterol and activates oxygen in the body in small molecules.

Therefore improving your blood circulation, immunity as well as the self-healing ability of skin cells allowing you to appear younger over time.

Since terahertz ore has high thermal conductivity, the ore has the ability to change from it’s temperature from cold to warm in an instant.

Hence you could easily use the roller for warm and cold treatment. Each for different benefits. Here are some examples explaining how I used the roller to rejuventate  my skin during the 3 weeks of usage…

This One “Miracle” Ingredient Changed Everything When I Added It Into My Routine…

After experiencing something so uplifting like the Black Diamond Roller I knew that this was the best it could get. I was starting to accept my new improved skin as a part of me when the founder of Ashleigh Ivory called me up to say she had something more to offer.

I was so excited to find out what that was!

And that’s when I came across their signature serum. It contained an “age-old miracle” ingredient that has been kept a secret for a long time. One that I hadn’t heard of before.

Fuji Shitake Mushrooms.

This ‘miracle’ ingredient is a natural antioxidant that has been prized for centuries in the Far East. These little beauties are one of the healthiest foods on the planet containing many health-boosting properties.

It contains eight essential amino acids as well as high content of Vitamin C. They are also rich in Kojic Acid which helps in brightening all skin types, fade pigmentation and reduce acne scars.

This really compliments the effects of the roller.

One small pump of this helps to firm up the skin and soften stubborn wrinkles.. Best part it’s 100% natural and chemical free.

How much better can it get right?

Let me show you what using these two remarkable products did for me in just a couple of weeks..

Indeed, Beauty Has No Compromises…

For years, I have been going through low self-esteem and always felt helpless for my skin.

Not anymore.

I am so grateful for what Ashleigh Ivory has done for me that I want the same for you too.

If you are a busy/lazy person, like myself, who has to push yourself to even remove my makeup at the end of the day..

Or even hurriedly smear on your skincare so that you can get on with your Netflix shows or things more important like your family time..

Even if you’re a mother with kids..

A working professional who just can’t find time for beauty routines..

Or just above the age of 30 and want to stay looking young…

This will work for you!

I urge you to experience this for yourself. And then compare this with any of your skincare products that you have been using till date.

I’m certain you will see a dramatic difference.

If you think my story was a one hit wonder.. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the Black Diamond Beauty Roller & The Shitake Serum…

“As a frequent traveller, the facial Roller has helped ease my tired eyes from long plane rides.  As the air on the plane is very dry, the Roller helps improve the blood circulation for my face and neck and improve absorption of the Serum.”

Cindy Leong
Co-Founder & Chief Coach

“I had an oil gland under my eye, and just two days after using the Roller with Serum, the oil gland fell from my eye.”

Madam Kuah,

“I have a busy schedule to attend to, and the beauty Roller is easy to use, without electricity or solar charging needed. Used in the day, the Roller, with the light Serum, firms up my skin to be ready for the day. It is not heavy and does not weigh my skin down. In the evening, it strengthens my skin and prepares it for rejuvenation as I rest. I particularly like how the look of pores is reduced and de-pung takes place.”

Joelle Ung,
Food Entrepreneur

“The pageant just ended… we had to be in this hotel for five days. By day four, my skin was completely ‘gone’. I’ve used the product for a week now and I cannot believe the difference.”

Priscilla Boh, 1st Runner Up,
Miss Top of the World (Plus Size)

“I had two hard nodules on the left jawline and they were giving me a lot of pain. And I started using the Roller, and lo and behold, within four days, the two nodules just disappeared.”

Eunice Tan,

“What is amazing about the Roller, is that when I use it on my eyes, it improves my sleep! “

Deborah Thomas,
Office Administrator

If you want a newer, improved and healthier skin, try this and see the results for yourself! 

All you have to do is request for an invite below, and they’ll let you experience both the roller and serum – Completely Free!

Is there a catch? No.

Ashleigh Ivory is celebrating their 10th year anniversary and what better way to do that than spreading the goodness of beauty right?

From what I have personally witnessed, once you try it there will be no way you would want go back to your old skincare routine. And if you feel otherwise, worry not.

You’ll be compensated for your time with sachets of the Fuji Shitake Serum so that you can try it yourself at home and feel the difference.

Either way, you’ve only got something to gain.

Skin is a great part of a woman’s confidence and it’s important for us to take care of it.

Indeed, beauty has no compromises..

P.s. The last I checked they are only able to host approximately 20 women per month as their demos always fill up fast. So get in while you still can!

Click the link below and they will send you the invite right away!