4 Signs Of Skin Ageing That Needs Your Attention

4 Signs Of Skin Ageing That Needs Your Attention

Let’s face it – we love to joke about skin ageing. I remember the times when I used to brush off my friends’ unnecessary comments on my barely noticeable sagging cheeks, or the few occasions when I joke (half-seriously) about having laugh lines from laughing too much. I wasn’t too concerned about it – I mean; it can’t be ageing issues! I have just crossed my mid 20’s!

But can it be? Well, it could. Skin ageing is extremely prevalent in the younger generation today, and as blatant as it sounds –hardly anyone has ever escaped the wrath of ageing. There is no one cause that causes ageing. In fact, there are numerous factors like diet, exercise, stress, environmental changes and genes that affect the ageing process. Some can be defied, but others could be a part of a one-sided fight: intrinsic ageing (or famously know as the natural ageing process).

While we are on the subject of the causes for skin ageing, within beauty and derma research are 4 signs that help you identify if you have become a victim of skin ageing.

Accumulation of Age Spots

Age spots appear due to prolonged exposure of our skin to ultraviolet rays, causing not just coloured spots but lines and wrinkles to appear on the face, hands, shoulders and arms. This leads to excess production of melanin and skin pigment in the skin. Though this is part of skin ageing, people as young as 20 can start developing age spots

Patchy/Dry Skin

The initial signs of premature aging usually start with chronically dry and flaky skin. Similar to the concept of being more susceptible to random bruises, thinner skin equates to lesser moisture retention in the skin. In addition to dehydration, over-exposure to sun, dry air, smoking, stress and loss of sweat and oil glands, using too much soap, perfume and hot baths are also causes of dry skin.

 Are you that Wrinkly Friend on A Girls’ Night Out?

Do you have more wrinkles than your friends? The dreaded fine lines could appear on the face, neck, back of hands and the arms. Though ageing is a natural and, when seen in a positive light, a beautiful process, the appearance of it may cause a drastic effect on self-esteem. Genetics and time do play a role, but factors such as exposure to ultraviolet light, smoking and repeated facial expressions, like frowning, often take the blame to the speeding up of wrinkles formation. Enter Ashleigh Ivory’s Black Diamond Beauty Roller and Fuji Shiitake Age Defying Serum set

[How the Set Helps] See Results Immediately

Oh no, we’re not talking about undergoing the knife. In fact, the set is ‘architectured’ for immediate lifting effects. Crafted from terahertz ore, with prolonged warming and cooling effect, the three-pronged approach (pun intended) administers the anti-ageing Serum 10 times deeper into skin, covering all areas of the skin and neck, making it skin’s indispensable ‘companion’. The Set strengthens the skin, setting the pace for a healthier and fresher appearance, being a great help in relieving skin ageing. 


Blogs published are for information only, as results and symptoms vary from individual to individual.

4 Ingredients of Fuji Shiitake Anti-Ageing Serum

4 Ingredients of Fuji Shiitake Anti-Ageing Serum

When considering a change for better or new products; yes, you are wary and no, you are not wrong at all! As beauty and lifestyle brands, we need to respect savvy consumers and understand the importance of transparency in our products. After all, knowledge equals power.

To start the ball rolling, here are the first 4 key ingredients found in the Fuji Shiitake anti-ageing Serum, together with their beneficial usages.

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide was first produced as white pigments in 1923. It is naturally opaque and bright, suitable for sensitive skin and is often used in sunscreen for its UV-resistant properties. Titanium Dioxide is most used commercially in skin care products and is one of the safest options available for anti-UV properties.

Sodium Hyaluronate for Skin

Sodium Hyaluronate – compromising smaller molecules – possesses the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin and retain moisture within. This results in the popular use of sodium hyaluronate in moisturizers, skin repair creams and other anti-ageing skin care products.

Hyaluronate also plays a key role in wound healing. The concentration of sodium hyaluronic in Fuji Shiitake anti-ageing Serum will thus aid healing.

Butylene Glycol

Butylene Glycol lends an additional hand to further help penetrate the benefits of the Serum into skin, which will in turn increases the overall effectiveness of Fuji Shiitake anti-ageing serum. This specific ingredient also possesses a humectant (a substance that absorbs or helps another substance retain moisture) property that draws moisture to the skin from the surrounding atmosphere. This hydrates skin cells, thereby easing the appearance of wrinkles.

Arbutin in Skin Care

Arbutin is an organic compound derived from berries, releasing small amounts of hydroquinone to restrict and slow down tyrosinase (enzyme that causes pigmentation in skin), thus reducing the skin’s melanin production that causes dark spots.

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Blogs published are for information only, as results and symptoms vary from individual to individual.

6 Premature Ageing Signs: Your Body Is Older Than It Looks

6 Premature Ageing Signs: Your Body Is Older Than It Looks

Appearance is often the first indication of ageing, and individuals often seek treatments solely for it. But there are also other ageing parts of your body that cannot be identified visually, but is equally deteriorating and sending you signals for it! To help you understand better, we have consolidated 6 red warning signs on our ageing mechanism (of which some is what should be paying equal attention to), the causes, prevention and treatments available. 

Signs of Premature Ageing 


Frequent Bad Hair Days 

Hair falls off every day and there is nothing much to be overtly concerned about. The only sign you should pay attention to is when there is a noticeable patch of scalp emerging from your hairline. Excessive hair loss is a result of heredity reasons, ageing, hormonal changes and medication. Some reports have also proven that tight hair styles and years of colouring and bleaching will also directly cause hair loss.

Muscle Strength Deterioration  

Remember when you could easily lift a few kilograms around? Are you still as strong? As we age into our 30s, our body will lose its muscle mass, and through that, we become physically weaker. This condition has a record of affecting the physically inactive ones faster than the rest. So, how do you test it? Just compare your physical strength and stamina with your friends of the same age. If you’re lacking way behind, then you’ll probably need to get some exercise in to your daily routine soon.

Bruises and cuts don’t heal as fast 

Skin is the largest organ of our body and it has always had the best ability to heal itself from scars and wounds. However, when you prematurely age, the bruises and cuts will have a slower and an inconsistent healing speed. This can correlate to aging in the internal systems as well. Easy bruising is also a sub sign of aging – as the skin thins out and becomes less flexible, the cushioning effect from the fat under the skin will also decrease, causing blood vessels issues and bruising.

Sudden Changes In Metabolism rate 

If you notice the increase of size around your belly, arms, legs and hips – and no matter how much you try exercising and cutting down on food, the expanding ‘empire’ does not look like it will be backing down anytime soon, this is because it is a common problem for individuals aged above 30. This is often due to a combination of issues like dietary habits, smoking or alcohol intake, inactivity and even depression

Loss of Facial Bone Mass 

Aging is often associated with sunken cheeks, thin lips and prominent temples. People lose bone mass and density as they age, often hastened by smoking, poor nutrition and cardiovascular health, extreme loss of weight or substance abuse.

Random Period Cycles 

For women, the irregularity of your menstrual cycle can indicate an upcoming aging ‘spin-off’. Perimenopause, or menopause transition, occurs several years before menopause. During this period, you may observe missed periods, an unpredictably heavier/lighter flow, spots between periods and/or longer stretches of PMS. It may be crucial to address such symptoms as changes in hormonal activity can increase body mass, decrease muscle mass and causes the body to go into an aging withdrawal (from life) state.

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Blogs published are for information only, as results and symptoms vary from individual to individual.

6 Premature Aging Factors: Preventive Measures

6 Premature Aging Factors: Preventive Measures

At Ashleigh Ivory, we believe that knowledge equals power and we wish to empower you with a deeper understanding of what goes into the products you purchase so that you can truly own great skincare that stands out among the plethora of brands out there. The information is presented with the intention to award you, the reader, with the fullest relevance possible.

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

Some may call it natural acne treatment. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (SAP) is a derivative of Vitamin C that oxidizes slower to maximize its usefulness to the fullest. It is one of the most stable forms of Vitamin C and is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals to super effectively slow down the aging process and formation of fine lines and wrinkles. SAP also provides photo protection and tackles hyper pigmentation issues.

The ingredient acts as a moisture barrier in shielding the skin from environmental stress, moisturizing skin and reducing the look of enlarged pores. It is known to help with excessive sebum excretion.

If you wish to obtain a 3-day trial sample of the Fuji Shiitake Age Defying Serum, plus enjoy a free lifting facial session worth S$68, contact the Ashleigh Ivory hotline at +65 9754 3394.


Blogs published are for information only, as results and symptoms vary from individual to individual.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day

A Gift from the Heart

Showing appreciation for Dad will be quite different from showing appreciation towards Mom. For Dad, it should be a dignified gesture, so that he knows you respect him. After all, movies aside, Dad holds the undisputed status as the very first superhero in our lives. So without further ado, here are 3 reasons why the Black Diamond Beauty Roller & Fuji Shiitake Anti-Aging Serum set is a definite gift for Dad.

  1. As much as women get to scoff at their unrealistic portrayals of ‘perfection’ in advertisements and generally everywhere, men should get their fair share as well. Well-groomed, clean-cut and deep voices – you get what I mean. Get Dad a boost of confidence with the Beauty Roller! The Black Diamond Beauty Roller Set softens frown lines, smooths wrinkles and reduces acne scars while brightening the skin at the same time. Oh – and it helps with anti-aging too!
  2. Parents possess a unique trait that many don’t – the stare. Children could be taught to immediately back off or rethink their tantrums with a mere stare – for the consequences could be unpleasant. The trade-off, however, is a costly price for Dad: really tired eyes. With the Beauty Roller, Dads can now indulge in a relaxing eye lifting session that will smooth out crow’s feet that have been hounding him for years. Now that’s how you do a solid compensation!
  3. Versatility. Black Diamond Beauty Roller, with Fuji Shiitake Anti-Aging Serum provides numerous ways in handling aging issues gracefully – and very effectively. Ranging from acne scars to pigmentation, the set does it all. There are a different ways or treatment methods that can be utilized with the Set. For example, the cold treatment, by immersing the Beauty Roller in cold water for 1 second, closes pores, while the warm treatment for facial lines and lymph nodes and with the Anti-Aging Serum, results are doubled. Simply apply the serum on the affected area and roll away!