Product Details

What is the roller made of?

The rollers are crafted from terahertz ores (polysilicon with a high purity of 99.9999%). Grip section: stainless steel.

What is in the Box Set

– The Black Diamond Beauty Roller and Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum

– Complimentary Luxury pouch

What are the unique selling points about the roller ?

– Handcrafted from Terahertz Ores

– Each in a diamond cut with 48 facets

– Changes or retains difference in temperature instantly

– Penetrates 10 times deeper into the skin

– Submerge in warm water for warm

Will my roller rattle or rotate unevenly

No. It is crafted to roll on smooth as well as uneven skin.

Do I roll only upwards all the time?

No. It is crafted to roll upwards or downwards.

How long is the service life of the roller? Is it for lifetime?

The warranty for the roller is for one year. If found to be damaged on the part of the user, the existing roller unit will be sent back to Japan for re-crafting.
US$50 will be charged for the complete re-crafting of each damaged roller.
Time of completion will be three months.
Alternatively, customers may purchase a completely new set at half the purchased price, upon return of the existing set.

Does the roller have a warranty?

Yes, one year.

Does the roller have to be changed after a specified time?

No. The roller is crafted to last a lifetime.

What are the active ingredients of Fuji Shiitake Age Defying Serum?

See attached. Namely, Fuji Shiitake Mushrooms, kojic acid, amino acids, vitamin C.

Can I use the roller multiple times in a day?

Recommended usage is two times a day. You may use the roller more than twice a day, but do avoid over-usage. As with over-usage for most products, the effects, for example, may bring the look of disproportion as a result of over-use.

I want to use another product along with Ashleigh products, can I do that?

Yes you can do that, as long as you’re not wasting/repeating resources as our roller and serum have targeted effects on acne, pigmentation, etc.

Our roller, when paired with skincare in general, penetrates skincare 10 times deeper into skin.

However, if you are cautious about developing an adverse reaction due to the combination, it’s best that you consult your d

Should the customer change her mind with regards to her purchase, can she exchange to another item and just pay the price difference?

Sorry, this is not allowed.

What is the difference of Fuji Shiitake Age Defying Serum from other serums?

In addition to focusing on the finished product, our journey really begins on the backend, where products are subject to quality control, tests and personal use. Up to 600 tests may be performed on any given product in three years.

Formulated to dramatically improve skin tone, firmness and texture, the production process of the serum is one key factor in quality control, producing a 100% natural and chemical-free Age-Defying Serum.

Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum contains eight essential amino acids, kojic acid and concentrated Vitamin C.

It combats five signs of ageing. It:
Brightens skin
Fades pigmentation
Reduces acne scars
Improves skin tone
Firms up skin

One pump goes a long way. Up to two pumps for the entire face and neck.

Are all of your products non-comedogenic?

Yes, applicable (relevant) products are.

Is this best suited for people with acne prone skin?

Indeed it is. The serum contains concentrated vitamin C, and when used with the roller, it penetrates the serum 10 times deeper into skin.

I have skin issues (eczema), can I still use your product along with my topical medications?

Because this involves a medical condition and medication, it’s best that you consult your doctor before using our product.

How long should we try to use the Ashleigh products before seeing the results?

The biological makeup of every person is different, hence, results vary from individual to individual.

However, we have testimonials where desired effects occur in four days, a week and three weeks respectively.

Is this tested on animals? Are all your products cruelty-free?

No, our products are not tested on animals. And yes, our products are cruelty-free.

Do you have any referral program?

We are looking into this at the moment.


I have changed my mind on the product. Is a refund allowed?


Refunds are not allowed in any change of mind or option of the product.

I have a skin allergy due to your product. Can I get a refund?

Firstly, with new customers, we usually welcome you to a free demo/facial.

Should there be any adverse reaction that is attributed to our products in 14 days, we require a medical doctor’s letter in order to proceed with a refund in full in 14 business days. However, do note that the products should be sent back to the company at the customer’s cost. The refund amount will also not include the shipping costs that were borne by the customer initially.


Please see replies below. However, do note that we have not received any return of the roller where damage can be attributed to us, as quality control has been conducted in Japan before the roller is released for purchase.

What are the complete guidelines with regards to the Exchange process?


Customers should notify us in three business days. After which, an exchange will be concluded in 14 business days. Customers should check that the product is received in good condition. Should there be any damage and the damage is found to be attributed to us, customers will receive a new product in exchange for the existing one. However, a $6 shipping fee will be borne by the seller. An administrative charge of $50 will be required as well.

What should I look out for to know if the item is eligible for an exchange?

Look out for damage on products. Damages on the packaging is not eligible for exchange. Customers should notify us in three working days.

How many exchanges are allowed per customer? Do you have a time limit for the exchanges?

Customers should contact us within three business days upon receiving the product. After which, an exchange will be concluded in 14 business days. Only one exchange can be done per item.

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