A Gift from the Heart

Showing appreciation for Dad will be quite different from showing appreciation towards Mom. For Dad, it should be a dignified gesture, so that he knows you respect him. After all, movies aside, Dad holds the undisputed status as the very first superhero in our lives. So without further ado, here are 3 reasons why the Black Diamond Beauty Roller & Fuji Shiitake Anti-Aging Serum set is a definite gift for Dad.

  1. As much as women get to scoff at their unrealistic portrayals of ‘perfection’ in advertisements and generally everywhere, men should get their fair share as well. Well-groomed, clean-cut and deep voices – you get what I mean. Get Dad a boost of confidence with the Beauty Roller! The Black Diamond Beauty Roller Set softens frown lines, smooths wrinkles and reduces acne scars while brightening the skin at the same time. Oh – and it helps with anti-aging too!
  2. Parents possess a unique trait that many don’t – the stare. Children could be taught to immediately back off or rethink their tantrums with a mere stare – for the consequences could be unpleasant. The trade-off, however, is a costly price for Dad: really tired eyes. With the Beauty Roller, Dads can now indulge in a relaxing eye lifting session that will smooth out crow’s feet that have been hounding him for years. Now that’s how you do a solid compensation!
  3. Versatility. Black Diamond Beauty Roller, with Fuji Shiitake Anti-Aging Serum provides numerous ways in handling aging issues gracefully – and very effectively. Ranging from acne scars to pigmentation, the set does it all. There are a different ways or treatment methods that can be utilized with the Set. For example, the cold treatment, by immersing the Beauty Roller in cold water for 1 second, closes pores, while the warm treatment for facial lines and lymph nodes and with the Anti-Aging Serum, results are doubled. Simply apply the serum on the affected area and roll away!