Get Rid of Acne

The effectiveness of a dynamic duo backed by a powerful testimonial

Black Diamond Beauty Roller

There are full of suggestions to obliterate acne once and for all. Some are commercialised suggestions while others are motivated by good intentions seeing that acne can cause physical as well as psychological disturbance.

You might be asked to:
• Eat less carbs
• Go slow on milk
• Take birth control pills
• Stay calm, even as deadlines
are hounding you
• Go slow on salt
• Go slow on sugar
• And more

But what if you’ve exhausted all possibilities, and the problem of acne is still there.

Enter the Ashleigh Ivory’s Black Diamond Beauty Roller & Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum. Handcrafted from terahertz ores, each diamond-cut Roller has 48 facets that transmit terahertz waves to penetrate the 100% natural and chemical-free Serum 10 times
deeper into skin. Containing 8 amino acids, Kojic acid and a high content of vitamin C, the Serum with Roller combats adult acne by
brightening all skin types. The pair reduces acne scars as well.

Get rid of Acne

“Hey, I can see your acne has improved.” So if someone else can see the effect, the effect must be real!

The Testimonial of Lu Na,
Business Development Manager

Acne Test

Before Usage

After 3 weeks

After 3 Weeks of Usage

After Usage


“I have used a lot of anti-acne products, and only people with acne can empathise with those with acne. These products may appear to solve the problem, but in a week, the acne returned.

I started with the Serum, without the Roller to begin with, and the acne reduced, drying up. I was willing to use the Serum, for I read the ingredients and it said: ‘Chemical free.’ Following this, I proceeded to use the Roller.

What was the turning point for me was when a colleague who returned from Batam commented: ‘Hey, I can see your acne has improved.’ So if someone else can see the effect, the effect must be real.

What I did subsequently was to ‘work up’ the use of the Roller and Serum. The Roller worked in both directions, rolling up and down, so it
was easy to use. There were no adverse effects, the look of my pores tightened. I was elated.”

Results vary from Individual to Individual