At Ashleigh Ivory, we believe that all real beauty comes from Mother Nature. It can be lifted without having to go under the knife and making it simple and easy for all the busy women out there. Our skin care brand aims to help diminish the signs of ageing and achieve youthful looking skin with our two new star products.

Black Diamond Beauty White Roller

Black Diamond Beauty Roller

A special light weight facial device which seeks to remedy the seven signs of ageing.
It lifts saggy cheeks, reduces crow’s feet, diminishes fine lines, smooths furrow lines and wrinkles and softens frown lines.
It is made of terahertz ores which help penetrate deeper into the skin acting directly on the
cellular level for optimum results.

Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum

Complementing the effects of the roller, is the specially formulated 100% natural and chemical-free Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum.

Age defying Serum is made up of Fuji Shiitake Mushroom extract, a natural anti-oxidant ‘miracle’ ingredient which contains eight essential amino acids, vitamin C and Kojic Acid. These are essential in brightening and firming up the skin, reducing acne scars and fading pigmentation.

Fuji Anti Ageing Serum