Appearance is often the first indication of ageing, and individuals often seek treatments solely for it. But there are also other ageing parts of your body that cannot be identified visually, but is equally deteriorating and sending you signals for it! To help you understand better, we have consolidated 6 red warning signs on our ageing mechanism (of which some is what should be paying equal attention to), the causes, prevention and treatments available. 

Signs of Premature Ageing 


Frequent Bad Hair Days 

Hair falls off every day and there is nothing much to be overtly concerned about. The only sign you should pay attention to is when there is a noticeable patch of scalp emerging from your hairline. Excessive hair loss is a result of heredity reasons, ageing, hormonal changes and medication. Some reports have also proven that tight hair styles and years of colouring and bleaching will also directly cause hair loss.

Muscle Strength Deterioration  

Remember when you could easily lift a few kilograms around? Are you still as strong? As we age into our 30s, our body will lose its muscle mass, and through that, we become physically weaker. This condition has a record of affecting the physically inactive ones faster than the rest. So, how do you test it? Just compare your physical strength and stamina with your friends of the same age. If you’re lacking way behind, then you’ll probably need to get some exercise in to your daily routine soon.

Bruises and cuts don’t heal as fast 

Skin is the largest organ of our body and it has always had the best ability to heal itself from scars and wounds. However, when you prematurely age, the bruises and cuts will have a slower and an inconsistent healing speed. This can correlate to aging in the internal systems as well. Easy bruising is also a sub sign of aging – as the skin thins out and becomes less flexible, the cushioning effect from the fat under the skin will also decrease, causing blood vessels issues and bruising.

Sudden Changes In Metabolism rate 

If you notice the increase of size around your belly, arms, legs and hips – and no matter how much you try exercising and cutting down on food, the expanding ‘empire’ does not look like it will be backing down anytime soon, this is because it is a common problem for individuals aged above 30. This is often due to a combination of issues like dietary habits, smoking or alcohol intake, inactivity and even depression

Loss of Facial Bone Mass 

Aging is often associated with sunken cheeks, thin lips and prominent temples. People lose bone mass and density as they age, often hastened by smoking, poor nutrition and cardiovascular health, extreme loss of weight or substance abuse.

Random Period Cycles 

For women, the irregularity of your menstrual cycle can indicate an upcoming aging ‘spin-off’. Perimenopause, or menopause transition, occurs several years before menopause. During this period, you may observe missed periods, an unpredictably heavier/lighter flow, spots between periods and/or longer stretches of PMS. It may be crucial to address such symptoms as changes in hormonal activity can increase body mass, decrease muscle mass and causes the body to go into an aging withdrawal (from life) state.

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