Fragrantly Addictive Fabrics Mist – Piazza


Volume: 30ml

Piazza  (Floral and Citrus notes )

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The Fragrantly Addictive Piazza mist is named after the lovely Italian coastal region, with floral and citrus notes as well as a free-spirited feel

To Use: Achieve a sense of scent euphoria with this fragrantly addictive fabrics mist that is equally at home in your bedroom as it is on your travels. Spray in the room, on your clothes, pillow and especially on soft furnishings as the mist lingers for a relaxing atmosphere that promotes calm and improves your well-being. It accompanies you wherever you go, to spray before bedtime or whenever you want your surroundings to smell heavenly, fresh, and unwinding. In-between moments, with just one extra spritz, the order can be restored. But if you’re feeling indulgent or want to drift off again, another spritz will be fine.


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