Let’s face it – we love to joke about skin ageing. I remember the times when I used to brush off my friends’ unnecessary comments on my barely noticeable sagging cheeks, or the few occasions when I joke (half-seriously) about having laugh lines from laughing too much. I wasn’t too concerned about it – I mean; it can’t be ageing issues! I have just crossed my mid 20’s!

But can it be? Well, it could. Skin ageing is extremely prevalent in the younger generation today, and as blatant as it sounds –hardly anyone has ever escaped the wrath of ageing. There is no one cause that causes ageing. In fact, there are numerous factors like diet, exercise, stress, environmental changes and genes that affect the ageing process. Some can be defied, but others could be a part of a one-sided fight: intrinsic ageing (or famously know as the natural ageing process).

While we are on the subject of the causes for skin ageing, within beauty and derma research are 4 signs that help you identify if you have become a victim of skin ageing.

Accumulation of Age Spots

Age spots appear due to prolonged exposure of our skin to ultraviolet rays, causing not just coloured spots but lines and wrinkles to appear on the face, hands, shoulders and arms. This leads to excess production of melanin and skin pigment in the skin. Though this is part of skin ageing, people as young as 20 can start developing age spots

Patchy/Dry Skin

The initial signs of premature aging usually start with chronically dry and flaky skin. Similar to the concept of being more susceptible to random bruises, thinner skin equates to lesser moisture retention in the skin. In addition to dehydration, over-exposure to sun, dry air, smoking, stress and loss of sweat and oil glands, using too much soap, perfume and hot baths are also causes of dry skin.

 Are you that Wrinkly Friend on A Girls’ Night Out?

Do you have more wrinkles than your friends? The dreaded fine lines could appear on the face, neck, back of hands and the arms. Though ageing is a natural and, when seen in a positive light, a beautiful process, the appearance of it may cause a drastic effect on self-esteem. Genetics and time do play a role, but factors such as exposure to ultraviolet light, smoking and repeated facial expressions, like frowning, often take the blame to the speeding up of wrinkles formation. Enter Ashleigh Ivory’s Black Diamond Beauty Roller and Fuji Shiitake Age Defying Serum set

[How the Set Helps] See Results Immediately

Oh no, we’re not talking about undergoing the knife. In fact, the set is ‘architectured’ for immediate lifting effects. Crafted from terahertz ore, with prolonged warming and cooling effect, the three-pronged approach (pun intended) administers the anti-ageing Serum 10 times deeper into skin, covering all areas of the skin and neck, making it skin’s indispensable ‘companion’. The Set strengthens the skin, setting the pace for a healthier and fresher appearance, being a great help in relieving skin ageing. 


Blogs published are for information only, as results and symptoms vary from individual to individual.